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Get paid by the year, charge by the quarter|

Stop pushing your customers into discounted annual subscriptions. Your subscriptions are an asset, trade them like one.

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One click, instant payout

It’s that easy. As if all of your customers converted to annual plans overnight.

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Convert more customers

Flexibility. Your customers prefer it. Give them what they want, while still getting paid upfront.ight.
Loved by industry leaders
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“Now more than ever, cash is king. Pipe meets this need by providing access to a new, non-dilutive financing option with the ability to attract and retain customers through flexible payment options. They say timing is everything, and Pipe’s time is now.”
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Dan Wright
President & COO, DataRobot
"Pitch customers, not investors, and let Pipe convert subscriptions into instant, dilution-free financing.”
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Naval Ravikant
Founder, AngelList
Second Measure
“Pipe is the most founder-friendly, non-dilutive, financing instrument I’ve seen to date. Pipe supercharges cash flows from multi-year sales contracts, without any ACV degradation. Further, their versatility with monthly/quarterly payment terms is a huge plus.”
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Gerald Tan
Director of Strategy, Second Measure
"We often risked losing deals by requiring annual upfront payments when customers wanted to pay monthly. Pipe solves this and allows us to invest more heavily in our growth. It may easily save us a fundraise.’’
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Keith Ryu
CEO, Fountain
"Up until now, SaaS businesses had only two choices: scale fast while accepting significant debt or dilution, or bootstrap, while accepting less available cash flow and usually slower growth. Pipe is now the third option: scale without dilution."
Intercom Person
Des Traynor
Co-Founder, Intercom
"Managing cash flow is critical for any SaaS business, and being able to offer monthly payment terms to customers but get the annual upfront cash flow through Pipe is a competitive advantage for healthy growth of the company!"
John S. Kim
CEO, Sendbird
"Having overseen thousands of sales and contracting processes during my career, I instantly saw the value in Pipe’s elegant solution to the payment term vs. cash flow problem that so many companies face."
Okta person
Jon Runyan
General Counsel, Okta
“Pipe enables SaaS companies to leverage their most valuable asset: the recurring revenue streams they’ve built. Through Pipe, companies can augment fundraising and optimize cash-flow without dilution.’’
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Brad Armstrong
VP Business & Corporate Development, Slack
"Pipe is the tool every SaaS founder has been waiting for. It allows SaaS companies to grow without dilution by financing their SaaS receivables.”
David Sacks
Founder, Yammer
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So what exactly is trading subscriptions?

Companies use our platform to sell the recurring revenue from a cohort of customers to investors for dilution-free capital.

What about churn?

In the case it happens, simply swap out churned subscriptions with active ones. No penalties or fees.

Active Subscription

Seamlessly integrated

Pipe works effortlessly with your existing tools.

Sync with your existing subscription manager

Pipe constantly syncs your subscriptions in real-time.

Automated monthly statements

Your accounting team doesn’t need to lift a finger.


No extra work for your team

It’s that simple. Pipe pulls data in real-time so your team can focus on what’s important.

Never take on debt or dilution again

We’ve pioneered a new platform where investors compete to purchase your recurring revenue.

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